About Us

Challenger has been in business since 1985, emerging from the closure of the Lord Safe Company’s New Zealand operation. We have developed a manufacturing niche for Safes and related products, particularly after we became the only remaining New Zealand manufacturer in 1999. 

These days our manufacturing capability is limited to niche products developed for our wide Customer base, and occasionally Safes tailor-made for specific requirements.  The Safes are made to an Australian/New Zealand Industry standard (AS/NZS 3809) which recommends a “Grading System” for security protection based upon time of breaching the safe; i.e. how long it takes "the burglar boys" to break in!  

We are now proud to represent Godrej Security Products from India and Mutual products from South Africa. The Godrej products are Tested and Certified to the European EN-1143-1 standards, and the American TRTL 15x6 and TRTL 30x6 UL standards, while the Mutual products are Tested and Certified to the South African standards, SABS.

Our business is built around 4 core values:

  1. Delight the Customer: Whether external Customers who pay the bills, or internal Customers (fellow staff members) who can deliver a better result if we give them the right information and/or tools, we know it builds our business if we can exceed their expectations.
  2. Right First Time: We seek to complete our jobs with the right information and product the first time we do it.
  3. Accountability: We take responsibility for our own actions.
  4. Team: we will achieve a hell of a lot more working together rather than individually.

Our goal is to be regarded  by our industry  and our Customers as the Number 1 supplier in the Country.

We offer a variety of services to Customers including: 

Fault Service: (24hours x 7days) Our technicians will go to your site and repair and/or advise on any problems that you are experiencing with your equipment.

Safe Lock Outs: (24hours x 7days)We have specialist technicians to get your safe open.

Combination Changes:For security reasons, it is recommended that combinations are changed regularly. Our technicians can assist with this process.

Preventative Maintenance: We recommend our Annual Service to ensure smooth operation of your Safe  from year to year. The service involves an extensive checklist of all working parts, including an inspection of the lock mechanisms.


Lost/extra keys: We provide a key cutting service.

Refurbishment of existing safes: We use our extensive factory experience to renew the look of your old Safe, update locking systems if required, and reconfigure the internal fit-out to meet your current needs.

Delivery/Relocation: We specialize in freighting Safes nationwide and can arrange delivery worldwide. Let our experienced movers and technicians help organise the installation/relocation of your Safe. In the Auckland region and for specialist jobs nationwide we recommend and use Safe Haulage for "peace of mind" installations.

Disposal: If you no longer need your safe we can arrange to dispose of it. Dumping is no longer required as our recycling company is able to handle even the biggest Safe and turn it in to clean fill and reusable steel.

We see integrity as a keystone to our business, and we believe our own high standards coupled with the Code of Ethics of the NZ Security Association we belong to are fundamental to our Customers' faith in the qualities of our  products  and service and therefore the ongoing success of the Company. We strive to "delight the Customer".

About our Resellers

Challenger has established relationships with Agents throughout the Country, so if you prefer to deal with someone local and combine your Safe purchase with other Security options then please don't hesitate to contact one of the choices below:

Armstrong Locksmiths: Smarter Security. www.armstrong.co.nz  Nationwide

Premier Safes: 09 483 2240




Member of the New Zealand Security Association ESSA - The International Association of the Physical Security Industry